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You can make a big impact by replacing your door. This is a simple way to update your home. However, before you start to measure your door or tackle the project, it's a good idea learn the terminology. Let's look at the various parts of a door and how they fit together. Door part names Door frame The entire door frame, which includes the sill, jamb, and head, is what supports the door. Also known as a door frame, this is also called a door sash. Doors frames can be made from wood or aluminum and designed to blend in seamlessly with your home. The door size that fits between the frames will depend on the size of the frame. Parts of a door This infographic map shows the parts of doors. Sill The floor is where the door sill rests. Jamb/door jam The vertical sides of the door frame are called the two jambs. Head The horizontally running head is the top of the door frame. Panel The door panel is its name. This is the section that opens and closes. Astragal If you have two doors, the astragal is the vertical part that runs between them from the sill to their heads. Fixed panel This panel is located between the doors in a pair of doors and does not open or close. Door sweep A sweep is weather-resistant weather stripping that forms a seal between your door sills and the door frame. Door sweeps can increase your home's energy efficiency. Threshold The threshold is the area that connects the door sill and the floor of the room. A threshold can be either simple or complex depending on your taste. Transom Transom refers to the horizontal beam that separates the fanlight or window from the door. Strike plate The strike plate is located on the door jamb, where the bolt hole and bolt holes meet. This small plate of metal is attached to the door jamb. Sidelight Sidelights are fixed glass panels that attach to the doors on either side or both sides. They can be attached outside of the frame. These narrow, tall windows let more light in to the home. Out-swinging or in-swing This is how the door swings in or out of the room. What's the difference between Inswing and Outswing Doors? Hardware and knobs for doors Knob Doorknobs are the circular mechanism that opens and closes the door. You can find doorknobs in a variety of materials like antique brass, satin nickel, and rubbed bronze. Hinge The hinge is the joint device that pivots the door panel. There are many types of door hinges available, including concealed hinges and pivot hinges. Foot bolt This lock is usually found on sliding patio doors and is located at the bottom of the door. Lock with key There are many options for entry door locks. There are two types of entry door locks: the cylinder lock which moves the bolt using a rotating cylinder; and the multi-point lock which has multiple locking points but one handle. It is a great place to begin your next door project. Your doors can have a huge impact on your daily life. You can improve curb appeal, increase home value and save energy by replacing your entry door. This infographic shows you where the door parts are located. It's much easier to communicate with dealers and contractors once you are more familiarized with the names of door parts.
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