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Doorknobs have existed for as long as doors did. They were not always very sophisticated. The first keys were made of simple wooden tools in Ancient Egypt and Babylon 6,000 years ago. Ancient doors had a hole in their doors that served as a doorknob. It was used by people who had to attach a string or string of string or leather thong and then loop it around the bar. There was very little innovation in door hardware and keys during Medieval and Ancient times. Although palaces and noble households could afford to have hand-made glass or iron doorknobs in their homes, locks were expensive luxury that few could afford. In some countries, such as the UK and Denmark, a chamberlain was responsible to protect noble homes and their valuables. Locks and doors were heavy and cumbersome, so manufacturing grew and wealth became more common. This led to increased demand for personal safety and opened the doorway for mass production of modern doorknobs.
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